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Design, Print + Digital Production

I did a variety of production and design work for HUMP! Film Festival from 2013-2020. HUMP! was wildly popular and went on a national tour each year; each tour date required several print, digital, and social media assets, so there was loads of production work to do.

Shown here is the campaign I designed for Best of HUMP!, a lineup of jury and audience favorite films from HUMP!'s nearly 20 years of festivals; it was shown regionally and went on a limited national tour. A sophisticated, classic approach was the only way to go. Photo by the legendary Kelly O. Each city the festival toured required print and digital marketing materials including postcards, print and digital ads, social media assets, posters, promo slides, and more.


Print + Digital Production 

I handled production design for SPLIFF Film Festival from 2017-2020. I used each year’s campaign art to design print, digital, and social media marketing materials that appeared in The Stranger, Portland Mercury, and elsewhere. Collateral included print and digital ads, social media assets, postcards, posters, pre-film slides, sales sheets, and more. Shown here is the 2020 festival campaign, art directed and illustrated by Savina Monet.


Production + Editorial Illustration

Editorial production for The Stranger required me to coordinate with editors, copy editors, and various community arts and cultural entities to compile necessary elements for a section. I received raw copy and special instructions from the events editor, flowed it into a flexible page template, then worked with the copy editor and events editor again to make any necessary cuts, corrections, and updates before PDFing finished pages for print. I sourced art directly from the organizers of each week’s featured events or created editorial illustrations when original art wasn’t available.

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